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Pataskala Haunted Forest

EST. 1989

Customer Rules


1. Do not touch any actors or props that you may encounter while out in the woods.


2. Absolutely NO Alcohol is permitted on Pataskala Haunted Forest Property


3. NO smoking is permitted once you have entered the woods.


4. NO photography, audio and/or video recording is permitted once you have entered the woods.


5. NO electronics of any kind are permitted to be out or on while in the woods. This includes phones, flashlights, smart watches, or any other light emitting device.


6. Do not veer from the trails or from your group as you make your way through the woods. It would be such a shame if you went in and never came back out.


7. Please arrive dressed appropriately, as you may step through mud, get rained on, or have water sprayed on you. We are not responsible for damaged clothing, shoes, or electronics that you decided to bring out into the wilderness.


NOTICE: Failure to follow any of the above listed rules may result in you being asked to leave or being escorted out by the kind and helpful sheriff deputies :) We reserve the right to ask you to leave for any reason WITHOUT a refund.