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Pataskala Haunted Forest

EST. 1989



Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What does the Pataskala Lions Club have to do with the Pataskala Haunted Forest?

A: The Pataskala Haunted Forest has been a haunted attraction dating back to 1989 in Pataskala.

The haunt is completely operated by volunteers and the profits made directly go to the

Pataskala Lions Club & Southwest Licking Youth Football & Cheerleaders.




Q: What dates and Times are you open?

A: The Pataskala Haunted Forest is open every Friday & Saturday during the month of October.

Tickets will be on sale from 7pm to Midnight nightly... If you have a ticket... you will get to go through the Haunted Forest.




Q: How much does it cost?

A: General Admission is $15 per person.




Q: Do you charge for parking?

A: NO... Parking is FREE!!!!




Q: Is there an age limit for the Pataskala Haunted Forest?

A: NO, however due to some gore, special effects, loud noises and intense acting it is not recommended for small children.

We have had young children go through and have a great time and adults who go through and are in tears.

You're the parent, you be the judge.




Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Sorry, even though this is an outdoor attraction, the haunt contains loud noises and tight spaces that might spook the dog

and could pose a risk to our actors.  They'd probably be more comfortable in the car (ventilation please) with the other chickens.




Q: Is the haunt entirely outdoors?

A: The Haunted Forest is a complete outdoor attraction. The haunt does have times of dryness as certain scenes are covered from the

elements. The trees also protect patrons partially from the wind and heavy rain…. sometimes.

Dress accordingly for the weather and expect to be outside for at least an hour from start to finish...

not including your wait to enter while in line.




Q: Once we've paid for admission are we able to go through again?

A: NO, however, you can purchase another ticket if you would like to walk through again.




Q: How long does it take to go through?

A: Normally, a trek through the haunted forest lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour.




Q: Is the Pataskala Haunted Forest handicap accessible?

A: Having a haunt in the middle of the woods is a challenge to begin with, but we do our best to be handicap accessible.

There might be some areas where it might be a little tight to maneuver and for these areas we provide a bypass if needed




Q: Is there security?

A: There is local law enforcement nightly, walking the haunt to ensure both the patron and actors safety.




Q: Can we be denied access to/or be thrown out of the Haunted Forest?

A: YES, absolutely, we do not tolerate foul language, obscene behavior, weapons, alcohol, drugs, assulting actors, etc. etc. etc.

Come on now, use your head!




Q: Can we take photos inside your haunt?

A: NO, photography and video recording are not permitted.

However... Monsters outside of the actual forest area will normally take a picture with you if asked.




Q: Will the actors touch us, or can we touch the actors?

A: NO, the Pataskala Haunted Forest has a no touch policy and that goes for both the actor as well as the patron.

Incidental or unintentional contact may occur.

There may be times a monster wants to touch you but will ask for permission first.




Q: Is it the same as last year?

A: Nope, Each year the Pataskala Haunted Forest haunt team is hard at work making many changes to ensure that each year our patrons

experience as much fear as we can bring to one attraction. There will be some special effects or designs that might be familiar from previous

years, but redesigned or placed somewhere different in the haunt.




Q: Can I get out if I want to?

A: Yes, if you are just too freaked out to continue, just let your guide know, and he will bypass you through some of the more intense moments

of the attraction or escort you to the nearest exit of the forest.




Q: If I get too scared to make it through the Haunted Forest, can I get a refund?

A: No. You paid us to scare you. If you get scared in the line or in the first few steps and want to leave,

we've done what you paid us to do very quickly. Be happy with prompt service!




Q: Who should visit the Pataskala Haunted Forest?

A: Virtually anyone. As long as you think you'll enjoy being scared. We strive to provide entertainment value for all ages.

Bring your family, bring your friends, heck bring your whole neighborhood!





Q: Is it Safe for expectant mothers or people with medical conditions?

A: We do not recommend the haunted attraction to anyone who is pregnant or has a medical condition where

flashing lights, darkness, loud noises, uneven surfaces or extreme scares may create difficulties.




Q: How can I avoid standing in a long line?

A: This one is very simple actually. Come early. We begin selling tickets every night at 7PM and is usually when the line is at its shortest.

No promises, though, just remember standing in line is half the fun of haunted attractions…the anticipation!!




Q: I want to do a story on your haunted attraction, who do I talk to?

A: Call 740-755-9775 or Email:




Q: I have a question that wasn't answered here, what do I do?

A: Email: